Salvatore Palella

Chief Executive Officer

Salvatore Palella, an Italian-American entrepreneur, is widely recognized for his influential role in the consumer technology and transportation industries. His entrepreneurial journey began in New York, leading to the establishment of Helbiz Inc. in 2015. Helbiz quickly emerged as a pioneering force in electric micro-mobility, launching Italy's first electric scooter sharing service in 2017 and expanding its operations internationally.

A significant milestone in Helbiz's journey was its public listing in August 2021, making it the first micro-mobility company to be listed on the Nasdaq Stock Market. This event underscored Helbiz's commitment to innovation and its leadership in the urban mobility sector.

Following its public listing, in March 2022, Helbiz underwent a strategic rebranding to This change reflected the company's expanded vision and ambition to redefine urban mobility on a global scale, beyond just electric scooters, to include a broader range of micro-mobility solutions.

In 2022, Helbiz (now expanded its offerings through the acquisition of Wheels Labs Inc, further solidifying its position in the micro-mobility industry by diversifying its transportation solutions.

In January 2024, Palella initiated Palella Holdings to consolidate his business ventures. Shortly after, in February 2024, Palella Holdings made a strategic entry into the e-commerce space with the acquisition of Everli, a leading grocery delivery platform. This move marked Palella Holdings' commitment to leveraging technology in transforming consumer experiences in the digital commerce domain.

Residing in Connecticut with his family, Salvatore Palella continues to drive innovation and growth across his ventures, demonstrating a visionary approach to urban mobility, e-commerce, and beyond, with a focus on sustainability and enhancing consumer convenience.

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