Ride Review: 🏍 Honda Dusts Off Some Classics for Gen Z

Ride Review: 🏍 Honda Dusts Off Some Classics for Gen Z - micromobility.com

Ride Review Newsletter for February 9, 2023

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What You Need to Know Today

Ever dreamed of shredding fresh mountain powder on a bike? The torquey, tilty Moonbike snowmobile is about as close as it gets.

Think you’ve got it bad when your battery dies halfway home from work? This Japanese backpacker is traveling 1,865 miles across Australia, south to north, on an analog kickscooter.

Honda is trying to appeal to Gen Z’ers in China by putting out eBike versions of some of its most iconic mopeds and motorbikes, including the Super Cub, Dax, and very appropriately, the Zoomer.

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